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The bar association of the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovinia (FBiH) today (English) Printaj E-mail

By  the Law on the Legal Profession of the BiH Federation, which was passed in the year 2002 / the gazette „Sluzbene novine“ no. 25/02 and 29/03, the legal profession is determined as an independent and autonomous service which functions in accordance with this Law and regulations based upon the Law.
The legal profession as a career is practiced by the attorneys-at-law as individuals, who have to be enrolled in the list of attorneys of the Bar Association of the Federation of BiH. /obligatory membership/.
Attorneys are entitled to form joint offices and law firms.
An attorney is not allowed to perform activities that are contrary to the reputation and independence of legal profession.
The Bar Assiciation of the Federation BiH protects  the rights and interests of attorenys within the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Constitution of the Federation of BiH and other regulations.
The Bar Association of Federation of BiH, which has the capacity of legal body consists of 5 Regional Bar associations: Bihac, Mostar, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica, which also have the capacity of a legal body.

The attorneys have to be enrolled in the list of attorneys in one of the Regional bar associations, which depends upon the place of  their headquarters.
The Bar association of the Federation of BiH confirms the existence of the conditions required for the pursuants's enrollment in the list of attorneys /credentials board/ after which the pursuant becomes the member of the Bar association of BiH Federation.
Each attorney becomes authorized to represent clients after the registration and after taking an oath.
The law trainees join in the Organization of Law trainees within the Bar Association of FBiH.
The Bar Association of BiH Federation represents all attorneys on the teritorry of Federation of BiH in front of the Federal bodies and institutions.
The Bar Asociation of FBiH is represented by its President. The bodies of the Bar Assoiciation are: Assembly, Management board, President, Vice-President, , Supervisory board, Disciplinary court and prosecutor, attrney's examination board and other bodies and boards established by the Charter of the FBiH Bar Association.

The Assembly enacts the Charter and Code of Ethics, Disciplinary regulations, and proposes the tariff / the price list of legal services, which is approved by the Ministry of Justice.

The Bar's bodies have a  4 –year mandate. The Bar association of FBiH maintains a list of attorneys, law trainees, law assistants, and law firms and these lists are the public books.
The Bar Association of FBiH is a member of the International Union of Attorneys /Union Internationales Avocats/.

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