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Regional Bar Association Zenica has the capacity of a legal person. Its headquarters are situated in Zenica, ulica Kočeva i Kočevska čikma broj 3b, tel/fax: +387 32 443-240: tel. +387 32 443-241.

On the basis of the article 15. of the Law on the Legal Profession, Regional Bar Association Mostar enacted its Charter on the Constitutional Assembly, which was held on the 20th of July 2002. This Charter determines the organization and working system of the bar.


The bodies of the Regional Bar Association Zenica are: Assembly, Management Board, President and Vice-President, Disciplinary court and prosecutor and Supervisory board.

Regional Bar Association Zenica represents all the attorneys/members from its teritorry in front of the cantonal and municipal bodies and institutions.

The President of the Regional Bar Association Zenica is Razija Huseinagić, attorney-at-law from Zenica

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